How to Drain Your Swimming Pool?

How to Drain Your Swimming Pool?


There are two types of swimming pools – inground and aboveground. We will consider how to drain water from both types of swimming pools.

How to drain the above-ground swimming pool?

If you need to drain pipes an above-ground pool for any type of reason. For example, to replace the old liner or to clean something, or for any other factors. It’s actually very simple. There are 2 various approaches you can use, siphoning as well as pumping, plus one approach you should never ever try. Let’s consider the last one first.

Never Ever Use the Drainpipe Plug
Do not ever before make use of the drainpipe plug in the swimming pool. Some above-ground pools have them and also some don’t. If your pool has one, leave it alone. Draining water out of your pool via the drainpipe plug will certainly cause the ground under the pool to be swamped, after that slowly removed as the swimming pool drains. You’ll be left with a ditch or a sinkhole under your pool, neither of which is beneficial to the future use it.

If the ditch or sinkhole obtains as well huge, the pool lining can tear from the weight of the continuing to be water while it’s draining pipes. At the same time, the lining can sink down into the ditch or sinkhole, putting way too much strain on the structure of the swimming pool and bending or breaking it. Either one will cause a damaged pool.

How to drain the inground swimming pool?


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