Swimming Pool Games

Swimming Pool Games

1. Sharks and Minnows in the Pool

  • one person (shark)  in the middle of the pool. The game will start as soon as the shark will call “Sharks and minnows. One, two, three. Little fishies swim to me.”
  • other players (minnows) try to go from one side of the pool to another
  • shark try to catch them
  • if Shark touches the minnows, minnows become shark for the next round
  • in next round, all sharks are trying to catch the minnows
  • the winner is the last minnow
  • winner will decide who will be the shark in next game

here is a quick explanation of the game

2. Atomic Whirpool

The most effective method to play:

  • All players are in the pool and line up in line along the edge of the pool
  • the first commands to walk around the edge of the pool
  • 30 seconds later instruct them to jog around the edge of the pool
  • after 30 seconds, instruct them to run
  • after another 30 seconds instruct to stop and command to walk in the other way. It’ll be practically difficult to move against the current!




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