Standard Swimming Pool Size

Standard Swimming Pool Size

sizes of swimming pools

There are two most popular types of the swimming pool:

First, it is inground, second is the above-ground swimming pool. No doubt, we have the most popular pool dimension in each class. We will describe them as well as provide you an idea of the cost of each when installed.  For sure, you will need to add additional costs for landscape design, electrical, and decking. Each pool layout, as well as one-of-a-kind as the backyard, is also changing the cost of the final project.


Standard sizes of over the Ground swimming pools

These are the most common above ground swimming pools dimensions. For excavation and installation constantly add two feet to the diameter and your brand-new pool will certainly fit well. Not including water as well as electrical, the installment price of a 24 round is generally $1000.00, and also a 15 x 30 oval around $1800.00.

24 x 52 Round (most prominent).
21 x 52 Round.
15 x 30 x 52 Oval.


Standard sizes of Inground swimming pools.

There are 3 sorts of inground pools. One of the most popular because of it being the most budget-friendly is vinyl, next is concrete, and also gradually picking up speed are fiberglass swimming pools. The average price of the swimming pool set as well as set up with excavation of a 16 x 32 rectangular shape is $17000.00. The ordinary expense of 16 x 32 cement kidney-shaped pool with the setup is $60,000. 14 x 30 fiberglass swimming pools mounted average 30k plus.

Three most popular standard vinyl swimming pools:
16 x 32 Rectangle
18 x 36 Rectangle
20 x 40 Rectangle

Most popular concrete swimming pools:
16 x 32 Kidney Shape.

Most popular fiberglass swimming pools:
12 x 24 Freeform.

The standard depth of the swimming pool

Normally swimming pools made 42 in  48 in, 52 in, and 54 in deep, but other sizes available as well. Many in-ground pools have a slope and can be up to 8 feet in the deepest point. Total height of above ground swimming pool is normally 5” – 9” smaller comparing to water depth when the pool is fully filled.


Here is the video from professionals hot to measure your swimming pool


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