How to Remove Calcium from Pool Tile

How to Remove Calcium from Pool Tile

You may notice some white, milky calcium over the surface of your swimming pool ceramic tiles. The calcium brought on by hard water. It is not dangerous, but make your pool looks not shabby.

If left in place, calcium deposits can also develop, causing filter failure. Eliminating calcium from the tile without triggering damage is feasible with making use of a muriatic acid remedy. The acid will certainly strip away the calcium, leaving your floor tiles in immaculate condition.

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Calcium Removers

You can buy calcium removers that are safe as well as eliminates calcium without harming your floor tile or influence your swimming pool’s pH level.

  • First, lower the degree of water in your swimming pool so that you can access the entire tile that has calcium accumulation.
  • Next, make use of a putty blade or pad to crack off the thickest calcium crust.
  • Use the fluid to the tile as well as allow it to soak in for a few mins. When the cleaner bubbles, you will certainly know it’s working.
  • Scrub the floor tile with a scrubbing brush or pad to remove the following layer of calcium build-up.
  • Since calcium down payments adds up layer by layer, you’ll require to remove each layer up until you remove all the build-up.
  • Apply the product as well as repeat the scrubbing process until the ceramic tile is tidy of calcium deposits.
  • Let the floor tile dry totally. You can after that apply a sealer to protect versus future calcium buildup.
  • Always adhere to the supplier’s directions when you utilize a new item.

Pumice Stone or Nylon Brush Cup

You can utilize a pumice stone or Pool Stone to eliminate caked-on calcium deposits. You will certainly need a great deal of elbow grease for this method. Keep in mind, pumice rocks can just be used on ceramic tile and also concrete, never your cellular lining or soft surface areas. Ensure the rock, as well as the floor tile you are dealing with, are wet before you start. Otherwise, you take the chance of scraping your pool tile. You can utilize a cordless drill and also a nylon bristle wheel or brush mug to scrub calcium build-up away. Never ever utilize steel wheels or cups as they can harm your ceramic tile or cause rust under your swimming pool.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

You can try to make a homemade vinegar cleaning solution to get rid of calcium from swimming pool tiles. Get a spray bottle as well as fill it with vinegar and also water solution. Get a cleansing brush or old toothbrush and begin to spray and also scrub. Vinegar is a non-toxic, inexpensive choice to cleanse a selection of surface areas. Yet, it works finest if you catch pool calcium beforehand. It may not help extreme calcium accumulation.

Hire Professional

If removing the swimming pool scale does not collaborate with the techniques we’ve already noted, you possibly have a serious case of pool scaling that requires expert attention. Hire a professional pool firm to come to your swimming pool to eliminate the calcium. This process is called grain blasting and is sometimes called stress washing. This service is different than just how you would certainly make use of a stress washer to clean your car. Expert firms use a compressor to blast sand, grains or various other products at the pool floor tile at broadband. This scrapes away the accumulation rapidly. And also you do not need to spend time rubbing the tile yourself. Most companies use magnesium sulfate to blow up the calcium off your swimming pool tiles. Keep in mind, this choice can be really expensive. Ideally, you intend to remove calcium buildup by yourself. As well as technique excellent pool maintenance to avoid swimming pool scaling in the future.


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Some tips for preventing calcium scaling

Because calcium scaling is such a pain to get rid of, it is best to remain on top of stopping it by taking the following precautions:

  • Reduced your pH (7.2-7.4) and also alkalinity (80-90 ppm).
  • Make use of a swimming pool clarifier to clump the calcium films with each other, then vacuum them away or allow your filter to take care of them.
  • If you appear to be battling abnormally high quantities, avoid shock with included calcium like calcium hypochlorite.
  • Brush your swimming pool regularly to keep calcium from developing.
  • Vacuum cleaner your pool whenever you comb it to pick up loosened calcium.


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