How to Find a Leak in Swimming Pool

How to Find a Leak in Swimming Pool

Bucket Test Leak

Like many other pool experts, we use the Bucket Test, a tool that detects if your water leak or pool leak. Follow the steps for a correct bucket test.

swimming pool fix

  1. Ensure that the water in the pool is at a normal working level.
  2. Fill a 5-gallon container with pool water. Leave one or two inches on the top
  3. Put the container on a pool step
  4. Mark water level inside and outside of the container
  5. Let the pool work normally as usual with all filters and heaters on
  6. Try not to use the pool during this day

backet test
End: After 24 hours, think about the water level of the two lines. On the off chance that the water in the pool has gone down more than the water inside the container, your pool likely has a break. In the event that the water levels continued as before, water misfortune is because of ordinary pool dissipation and use.

Think your pool has a break? Call professional for a consultation.
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