How to clean your swimming pool after winter

How to clean your swimming pool after winter

Step by step guide to clean your pool after winter

Get ready for the spring, here are some small tips to prepare your swimming pool for the season after winter.

1. Remove the Cover
A week or so before the arranged opening, evacuate your pool cover (you have one, right?). If not, the best thing that you can do to buy it! It will save you a lot of time in the future. Clean all the free trash off first, in addition to any standing water. Hang it up to dry someplace out of the components. At the point when it’s absolutely dry, overlap and store away in a cool, dry spot until swim season’s finished. Again, it will save you the money next season.

winter cover for swimming pool

2. Main parts Inspection
Contingent upon what kind of pool construction you have ( inground, above ground pool, fiberglass, tiled, cement, or liner) make a point to do an examination to check the trustworthiness of the structure and make sure that everything is in good condition. Search for things like cracks, breaks, parts, lifting tiles, recoloring, and redress any of those issues.

main parts inspection after winter

3. Check the Water level (do not drain your pool)
You don’t have to empty your pool except if it’s a crisis circumstance. Exhausting the pool just to revive the water can cause harm. In the event that your pool is based on soil with a high water table, it can really lift out of the ground without the heaviness of pool water to hold it down. The most ideal approach to keep your water clean over the winter is winter cover. It’s typical for pools to lose some water over winter, so if necessary, finish it off with adding it up. You’ll require the correct volume so chemicals will be added properly.

4. Clean your Pool
Clean and vacuum the pool. On the off chance that you have a decent pool spread, trash ought to be negligible. Brush down the sides, steps, and stepping stools, trying to get into the corners and behind things that the vacuum can’t reach. Let the pool siphon course water for in any event 24 hours to sift through the free soil. Wipeout your channel cartridges and crates a couple of times during this progression.

5. Reattach your pool equipment
You will need to check or actually reconnect all the pool hardware. This incorporates reconnecting your channel, siphon, radiator, and everything else. For over the ground pools, you should reconnect the adaptable pipes lines to the pool hardware and skimmer. Also, your siphon, channel, warmer, supporter siphon, and pool cleaners need to be connected. Make sure to reinstall every ordinary channel plug.

6. Test your water and add chemical 
Run your pump for a day or two before start your test, in order to get more accurate results. Add chemicals as the instruction says. Again, let the pool runs for a couple of days. Check it again. Here is some general information about standards:

  • pH level – 7.2 to 7.4
  • Total alkalinity – 80 to 120
  • Calcium – 150 ppm to 250 ppm
  • Chlorine – 1 ppm to 3 ppm

chemicals for water pool

7. Swim and taking care of your swimming pool
When the water is decent and clear and the synthetic compounds are living in balance, you will be ready to swim. This could take possibly more than seven days. Keep your pool kept up by cleaning channels normally and vacuuming at least once every week. Attempt to test your chemicals consistently at least a couple of times each week. On the off chance that you keep your pool clean and the chemicals, you’ll have the option to appreciate a long period of swimming season!

Here is some helpful video about how to clean and maintain the swimming pool 



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