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  Quality Swimming Pool Supplies that should be reviewed before you make any decision about the equipment you wish to install in your new pool project.

Please remember - when in doubt, consult a professional in order to avoid damage to yourself, other swimmers and equipment!

Swimming Pool Supplies

How can you maximize pool enjoyment and energy savings, and minimize maintenance? Visit www.pentairpool.com and discover IntelliFlo™ variable speed pumps. They cut energy use by 30-90%. Check out IntelliChlor®, the automatic chlorine generator that eliminates having to buy, handle or store chlorine. Let EasyTouch® push-button controls provide simple, automatic management of pool equipment operation. Discover how MasterTemp™ heaters provide fast heat-up and best-in-class efficiency.

 The new standard in pool pumps, IntelliFlo® offers breakthrough variable speed technology to deliver:

 Dramatic energy savings – up to 90%, totaling hundreds of dollars each year over today's 1- and 2-speed energy-efficient pumps.

  • Reduced operating noise – quieter than a whisper!
  • Longer service life – the best in its class, critical parts last years longer.
  • Push-button simplicity – digital display informs you of run time, mode and current status, and even tells you when to backwash your filter. Learn More

IntelliChlor™ Chlorine Generator automatically converts ordinary table salt into pure chlorine for sparkling clean water that’s safe and inviting.

  • User-friendly controls – Simply select one of five sanitizing levels to easily manage chlorine output.
  • Virtually maintenance-free – IntelliChlor recycles the salt continuously, day after day, eliminating the need to constantly replenish chlorine additives.
  • Extended service life – Integrated sensors protect the unit and prolong cell life. Rated for more than 10,000 hours of operation. (Five years of reliable chlorine output under normal operating conditions.) Learn More
EasyTouch® takes the work and worry out of equipment scheduling and controlling pool
and spa operations, including heating, filtration, cleaning, lighting, fountains and more.

  • Increased functionality – systems available for pools only and pool/spa combinations, with 4 or 8 accessory functions.
  • Fully integrated design – one-touch button access from outdoor control panel. Remote control options also available.
  • Optional built-in chlorine generator – models available with optional IntelliChlor™ Chlorine Generator for quick, easy and automatic water sanitization. Learn More

MasterTemp™ delivers progressive advances in energy efficiency, smart electronics and innovative design. Its specially designed fueling and ignition process warms pool water faster to that oh-so-right temperature.

  • Best-in-class efficiency – MasterTemp maintains a superior energy efficiency rating to keep annual utility costs at a minimum.
  • Eco-friendly – Certified for low NOx emissions, the MasterTemp outperforms industry standards.
  • Forever rustproof – A tough Dura-Glas® exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements.
  • User-friendly controls – The top-mounted, large format digital display allows for easy viewing and rotates to six positions for easier operation.
  • Self-diagnostics – Ultra user-friendly indicator lights pinpoint heater and system conditions. Learn More


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