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B&B survey indicates many are failing to meet

or are unaware of state requirements

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Editor's Note: Although this article is based on surveys regarding New York pool owners and New Jersey Pool owners we have found it contains important and useful information for all pool owners.


Rockland, NY, December 13, 2007: A safety survey recently conducted by B&B Pool and Spa Center indicated that many pool and spa owners are failing to meet New York and New Jersey state requirements regarding alarms and other equipment. Many others reported that they did not know whether they were the meeting the requirements or using other strongly recommended safety measures.


The survey included questions about fences, gates, alarms, drains and drain covers. More than two thirds (68%) of respondents reported that their doors were not equipped with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) approved alarms, a requirement in the state of New York. More than half (55%) reported having no alarms, and nearly half (45%) answered that they do not have ASTM-approved safety covers for their pools and spas. Perhaps of greatest concern to B &B partner Bruce Bagin is that nearly all those who answered the survey reported one or more safety issues in their backyards.


Bagin {a partner at B&B Pool and Spa} said, “Safety should always be any owner’s number one concern, just as it is ours. Our survey made some owners newly aware of safety issues they had, while reminding others that they were overdue in attending to them.”


As a result of the survey, B&B plans to step up its efforts to educate customers about safety and what they are legally required to do to ensure it. Bagin said, “...owners need to keep up with new requirements regarding pool equipment, such as the recent legislation in the state of New York requiring alarms. These alarms are mandatory in new pools and spas, but, for maximum safety, should also be installed in existing ones.”


{Quality Pool Companies provide} customers {information that helps them} stay current with new technology that can increase pool and spa safety, such as that provided by its Intellipool® and Intellispa® systems, for which the company recently won trademarks. Among many features designed to increase efficiency and save energy, a B&B Intellipool® offers a dual drain system utilizing the patented MDX drain by Paramount Pool Products.“ This is the safest system available today, and also helps in the removal of debris,” said Bagin.


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A family-owned business serving residential and commercial clients for more than 30 years, B&B  is a long-time advocate for safe, sustainable pools and spas, B&B was named the official Water Safety Partner of the Hudson River Navigator for the company’s ongoing efforts at promoting water safety. B&B has offered pool safety classes for its customers at its showroom in Chestnut Ridge for many years. The company decided to conduct its safety survey of the Metro area in light of a spate of drownings in the last year.

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