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This Directory contains images and discriptions of popular swimming pool designs. The variety of pool designs is only limited by imagaination. If you are a homeowner or a contractor and would like to submit a pool to be included in this swimming pool design gallery, follow the directions at the bottom of this page.



Have small yard? Well a pool can make that yard fun! This model allows for an oasis even when it appears that a sprinkler is all that would fit into the space.


Add some texture to a flat yard. This swimming pool ads the look of depth to an otherwise blank backyard.


What a tropical vacation. The swimming pool is surrounded by the green trees and a large waterfall. Making the yard look and feel like a vacation on a tropical island.


Ultra sleek and modern. With a waterfall that pours over the edge of the pool and a hot tub to reflect the swimming pools rectangular look. This model allows the swimmer to have a un obstructed view across the horizon.


The swimming pool is fantastic but get a look at that awesome hot tub. This allows the swimmer to relax, raised over the lagoon.


Once again, the modern look of rectangular pools helps complete the yard. It adds a smoothness to the area and gives a very clean feeling.


Try several waterfalls over the pool. These falls add a great look but are also a place for the swimmer to relax while water cascades over their body.


Make the sceneries part of the pool! This oasis in the desert is integrated into it's surroundings. Just view the smooth transition between the pool, yard and background sceneries. It is hard to imagine anything else completing the scene, well.. maybe you relaxing in that pool.


To submit a picture to be reviewed, attach the picture as a gif. or jpeg. to an email. Make sure to include your contact information in the email body. That should include, the pool company's name, address, email, phone number and service area. Also include a description of the pool (i.e. the size, time of construction, cost ect.). Note* The more information you include regarding the swimming pool, the better chance it has of being included. Submitting pictures and information is agreement to out privacy policy and all pictures and emails submitted become property of SwimmingPoolMagazine.com and may be used at the editors discretion.

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